Re: [gtk-list] Perl-Gtk

On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, Matthew Cordes wrote:

>Hello, I'm relatively new to Gtk and am interested in experimenting with
>it and perl.  Anyone know if there is a place where I can find Gtk-Perl
>example programs?

Hrm.  Well, I hadn't planned on announcing this, but I've been working on
a Perl/Gtk Tutorial during my free time.  It isn't anywhere near complete,
but you can find it at:

Right now, only seven chapters are there.  I hope to add about four a week
(though I won't be able to this week, I'm busy).

This seems like a good time to bring up other things as well.  First, I'm
pretty new to both Gtk and Perl, so I'm kind of figuring things out as I
go (the quickest way to learn is to try to teach).  I would really
appreciate feedback on what I could do better.  I would especially
appreciate corrections of any errors I might make (particularly in the
explanations, all of my example programs have been well tested).

Also, this tutorial is really just a modification of the GTK+ tutorial.
The HTML is mine, and the Perl is mine, but most of the explanation is
word for word out of the GTK+ tutorial.  Also, most of the example
programs are just ports of the ones in the GTK+ tutorial.  Because of
this, I have several questions about the copywright.  The copywright page
of the GTK+ tutorial says that:

    "Permission is granted to copy and distribute translations of this
    document into another language, under the above conditions for
    modified versions."

I assume that "other languages" include computer languages as well as
natural languages.  Is this correct?  And since my tutorial will probably
be 50% (or more) derivitive work, how should I do my copywright page?  I
don't really care who gets the copywright, just so long as I do it right.

I have tried to contact Tony Gale, the current copywright owner for
the GTK+ tutorial, but my mail (to bounced.  Apparantly that
address isn't valid anymore.  If someone could tell me how to contact him
with my questions, I would really appreciate it.

Stephen Wilhelm

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