Default pixmap path in GTK+-1.2.8

Hi all,

while browsing the sources, I found that the default pixmap path that
is set by GTK+ is different from the theme directory that is installed
by `make install'.

pixmap_path is initialized to:

However, during the standard installation of GTK+ themes are installed

To be honest, I think that the first directory structure is a better
idea as a user can easily guess from directory names that there are
actually GTK+ themes.

Also, IMHO this variable makes sense only if someone wants to override
theme defaults. I think that overriding defaults should be done only
in "user space", i.e. in a user's home dir or in /usr/local for site

The directory pointed to by pixmap_path is not created by GTK+
installation and doesn't seem to exist at least on RH6.2. This fact
leads to the conclusion that nobody really uses this default path,
otherwise someone would have noticed the absence of that directory and
would probably have discovered the difference in the sources.

Don't you think we should add another environment variable, named
GTK_PIXMAP_PATH, that initializes pixmap path? If the variable is not
set, the compile time default would be the initial value. This
maximizes flexibility, preserves compatibility and pushes us another
step towards the maximum number of environment variables ;-)

I am going to create a patch to gtk+-1.2.8 over the weekend, adding
all my proposed features.

Best regards,
	  Some operating systems are called `user friendly',
		  UNIX however is `expert friendly'.

	   Marcus Harnisch <>

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