Re: New version of GTK+

"Dugas, Alan" <> writes:
> Does anyone know where I can get info. on the latest developments of
> GTK+.  I was unable to find anything at  I've heard of
> several versions in development, 1.3, 1.4, & 2.0.  Are there really
> several versions concurrently in development?  How far from release
> is the next version?  I ask so that I can make some decisions on
> what to do with some bugs I've run into with GTK+-1.2.8
> (i.e. attempt a patch or wait for the next GTK+ release).  Thanks in
> advance to those who respond.

The unstable version currently in CVS (you can check it out and have a
look) is 1.3. When this version is released as stable, it will be GTK
2.0. There will be no GTK 1.4.

GTK 2.0 should come out well before the end of the year. However
people using the GNOME platform will have to wait for gnome-libs
etc. to be ported to it, so many apps will not be able to use GTK 2.0
until GNOME 2.0 comes out sometime next year.

Questions about specific planned features, bugs, etc. can go to


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