A new application builder for the GTK


I am currently working on a free application builder
for the GTK. Lo Gafet (LG) produce C source code 
itself. Interaction with Widgets is mainly done by 
settings resources and not using functions, when this
is possible. Actually, the generated code often does 
not use any other functions that gtk_widget_new() and 
gtk_widget_set(), unless a resource can only be 
manipulated through a function. 

To describe a new widget, I have choosen to go with a
table (populated to describe resources available for
the widget) vs. other methods (custom widget as in 
Glade, for example).

It is the early beginning of 'Lo Gafet'. LG is under
heavy development. Many features are still missing and
to be added. Many others are still very buggy or not
very well tested. Anyway, I usually post a new version
each Sunday evening ;-)

I am interested by any feedback...


Olivier Singla

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