Re: File section widget that filters?

   I'm looking for a minor variation of the GtkFileSelection widget that supports
   filtering (i.e. only list files matching the pattern "*.[Gg][Ii][Ff]").  Any

Oddly, I've found myself in a similar position lately...  two things
I'd really like to see done differently are to support filtering
(which I'd prefer to be more general than what Mark is looking for --
I'd like to be able to give it a filter function that will filter on
anything I want; my particular need to to have it only report
character devices of major types 4 and 5; Mark's text filter could be
plugged in) and to have it available as a widget that could be used in
another, compound widget rather than requiring it to have its own window.

   I've looked at the one in GtkExtra and it is more than I'm looking for.

That one is closer to what I want than the Gtk selector...
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