Odd behaviour with clist?

All of my clists resize my window after I resize any of the columns and
activate another widget that causes some kind of drawing event.

My only sizing policy (aside from some minor hard-assigned button
sizes) is:

gtk_window_set_policy (GTK_WINDOW (jookie_db), FALSE, TRUE, FALSE);

I've also tried program controlled sizing... not that I expected it to
change anything.

I've checked all my gtk apps from other sources but none of them have the
problem.  However: none of them have shut off the horizontal scroll...

Is it simply that when I resize the columns a size change gets put through
that can't be ignored and since I shut off the scroll bar it forces a
total window resize?

Is this the behaviour as intended or is there no one out there like me
that wants to shut off the horizontal scroll bar?  The behaviour I'd like
to see is that with the horizontal scroll off moving any of the column
borders moves just that common border without moving the uncommon borders
and requiring a scroll or resize event.



Leeman Strout

Systems Engineer
ETC Support

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