Re: Checking for specific pending events for an object.

"Bruce A. Smith" <> writes:
> I'm looking for a way to check if any events of a specific type are
> pending for a specific object in GTK. Given a GtkWidget or GtkObject,
> I would like to check if the event I'm in is the last in the current
> list pending for that object. I've tried gtk_signal_n_pending_by_name()
> and so on and I never get an accurate figure.
> Can anyone give me an idea?

Do you mean events or signals? (See it explains the difference
somewhere in there.)

Signals are synchronous, they can never be pending, though they can be
emitted recursively so more than one can be in the process of being

Events are in a queue, which you can scan with
gdk_event_get()/gdk_event_peek() etc., but this is a low-level thing
to do and to do something non-broken with it you'll need to understand
GTK+ in some detail.


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