Re: GtkEntry vs. Alt-key menu shortcuts

    Eric> I was pretty sure you were a some-flavor-EMACS user, since that's
    Eric> the only mailtool I know that can do the name-indent trick for
    Eric> quoting in responses.  But, decided to write as if you weren't, just
    Eric> in case.  The choir rarely minds hearing a decent sermon, if you
    Eric> know what I mean.

Yep.  VM in Emacs has been my preferred email client for a long, long time as
well.  It was sophisticated when everything new was successively less usable
than Berkeley mail.

    Eric> I really don't know how many GUI developers would use an EMACS
    Eric> widget, vs. a simpler text-entry widget.  If you have serious text
    Eric> to edit, could you spawn or connect ot an existing Emacs sesion?  If
    Eric> you have small text amounts, the ability to dismiss the dialog when
    Eric> 'enter' is hit is worth a lot, perhaps more than the emacs
    Eric> keybindings.  It would have some definite coolfactor, but I'm not
    Eric> sure when I would use it personally.  I mean, I'd never write a text
    Eric> editor, there are choices I'm happy with, and someone else writing a
    Eric> text-editor probably isn't happy with EMACS, by definition.  Unless
    Eric> I was creating G-Emacs, a Gnome theme-able EMACS forked like
    Eric> X-Emacs.  There is this one feature I've always wanted... :)

I'm surprised nobody has twigged to the possibility of creating an Emacs
client widget for GTK.  Emacs has been able to run as a "server" for many
years now, and has provided a light-weight client for quite some time.  IMHO,
this is a more elegant solution than starting a copy of emacs for every
instance of the hypothetical "GtkEmacs" widget.

I must admit I've never used the emacs client, but it was very popular for a
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