Re: Setting the right size

On 23 Aug 2000, Anders Melchiorsen wrote:

> Hi,
> how do I make a GtkText be just tall enough to contain exactly two
> lines of text? (Preferably by some setting available from Glade :-)
> Using two labels or entry widgets is not really an options since the
> style should be similar to a larger, scrollable text output that I
> have.

 Just measure the height of font GtkText will use (seems it's in
GTK_WIDGET(text)->style->font), compute how much it will need for two lines
exactly (study all those details), and 
 If it's really only "text output" as you called - then you may use GtkLabel -
it allows multiline labels (and it allows underlining text).

> -- 
> Regards, Anders

 Best regards,

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