Re: Help with retreiving children?

Well Derek....

If GTK+ were actually object oriented then all that work would already be
done.  As for "standard object-oriented design"... ummm, I didn't say that
was my design objective, I just don't like global variables...  =)

In my personal view, those set and get functions lead to code bloat that I
don't need.  I'll admit to not having actually tested my opinion, but I'm
not getting paid to do this and I'm happy with my coding style.

So is that it?  using global functions instead of global variables?


On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Derek Simkowiak wrote:

> -> I am creating an app using GTK+... I don't like global variables, or
> -> exporting large numbers of variables to implement functionality.
> 	Standard object-oriented design says to write _set_ and _get_
> functions for each variable you wish to have publicly r/w.  I.e.,
> gint config_page_get_varname(ConfigPage *cfg_page);
> void config_page_set_varname(ConfigPage *cfg_page, gint value);
> 	...assuming varname makes sense as an int.  Of course, just write
> _get_ fxns if it's read only.
> --Derek

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