Re: A problem with gtk+ apps

Rich Shepard wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Aug 2000, Guy Harris wrote:
> > I.e., if you have your application check for a "-geometry" option and
> > parse it, and use those values to request a main window size and
> > position, that doesn't work?
>   I'm an enduser of the app, not its author.
> Thanks,
> Rich


I think that the implication of the responses was meant to be that while
gtk+ does not force or provide support for "-geometry", any and all
applications could do so even if using gtk+ (and some tips were
provided).  Hence, it's not a gtk+ problem.

If there are apps that you want changed (heck, call it 'fixed' if you
want), you should contact the app authors with one of:
1) A polite request for this additional feature.
2) The above, and a summary of the tips suggested on this list for how
to do so.
3) The request, and a well tested and commented patch that provides the

..ordered by increasing likihood of getting the app changed.  You may be
an end user now rather than author, but how does 'contributor' sound?

An argument could be made that if many gtk+ apps do not do this, then
something should be added to gtk+ to facilitate the parsing.  But that
would not 'fix' the existing applications unless gtk+ always forced
compliance with -geometry specifications, which I don't think people
would be in favor of.  Also, since it sounds like gnome provides exactly
the convenience function for parsing that one would want, does gtk+ need
one?  Just lurking here for a few weeks, it's clear that there will
always be arguments for incorporating gnome features down into gtk+, but
the line has to be drawn somewhere.  In my limited experience the
boundary between software layers is always somewhat arbitrary.


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