re: A couple of questions

Hi Vlad,

Cheers for the other help, that got it working - rather more easily than I

> > gtk_signal_emit_by_name(GTK_OBJECT(w_layout[current].drawing_area),
> > "expose_event", GINT_TO_POINTER(current));

> > When the gtk_signal_emit_by_name() is called, I get this warning:
> > 
> > Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_signal_collect_params(): invalid NULL pointer for
> > argument type `gboolean'
>  gtk_signal_emit_by_name accepts a variable list of arguments, the last
one is
> ptr to return value (you don't pass it). Also, GINT_TO_POINTER(current)
> pass to it will be used for GdkEventExpose *event, not for 
> 'current_ptr' (it's bound when you connect the signal!).

Hmm, erk, OK, that would explain it. I've been looking through example code
but half the time they don't give it more than 2 args, which is what I've
done. I don't suppose someone could tell me exactly how to use this?


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