GtkEditable forcing of scrolling

I am trying to implement a string search function.  I would like this function
to snap to, as opposed to scrolling to, the text that it matches.  However, the
only method I've come up with relies on gtk_editable_set_position() followed by
gtk_adjustment_value_changed() to move to the text matched (see code snippet
below).  It seems to me that a third argument to gtk_editable_set_position()
should be available to let the programmer decide if it's more appropriate to
snap to, or scroll to, the new position.  Does this make sense to anybody or am
I going about this wrong?  Any and all suggestions to implementing a method of
snapping to a new position in a text widget would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

				-- Stupid Genius

/* Scanning datalog from start to finish 1 character at a time */
for ( ; index <= length_of_text_to_search - length_of_search_string ; index++ )
	if ( strncmp(search_string, text_to_search++, length_of_search_string)
== 0 )
		gtk_editable_select_region(GTK_EDITABLE(text), index, index +
		index += length_of_search_string;

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