Announce: GtkWaveform devel version 0.2

It is a library for displaying and selecting audio data.  The library
contains an MVC widget GtkWaveView and its associated data objects derived
from GtkWaveBuffer.  Ben de Rydt made a lot of neat changes including
(but not only) a much more intuitive selection user interface and marker
support (Thanks!!).  Currently it compiles against Gtk+ 1.2.x series, but
will be switched to 1.3.x soon.

  * Handles audio data up to 2 gigabytes long
  * Up to 32 channels (handles surround sound and beyond)
  * Datatype of samples is one of: signed/unsigned 8, 16, 32 bits,
    or 4, 8 byte floats
  * Wave can be stored on disk or in memory, compressed or uncompressed
  * Depends on: gtk+ and audiofile
  * Licensed under LGPL

Home page:
API reference:

- David A. Bartold

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