Re: GtkText Widget SEGFAULTS

"Dugas, Alan" <> writes:
> I am somewhat suspicous now of a bug in
> gtktext.c.  Does anyone know of a problem with GtkText that might cause this?
> (i.e. racing conditions, wild pointers, memory leaks, etc ?)  Has anyone else
> run into a simular problem using gtktext?  Any and all help would be greatly
> appreciated!
> I am running gtk+-1.2.8, glib-1.2.8, and X11R6.4, compiled on Solaris-2.6 using
> gcc-2.95.2 and gmake-3.79.

Sadly, GtkText is known to be a bit buggy. However the code is more or
less unfixable (without a complete rewrite). So there is a new text
widget in the next version of GTK+.

There's a GtkExText available on the net that's pretty much the same
API as GtkText, only less broken. If you're doing something with
GtkText beyond simply sticking it in a window and getting/setting its
contents, using GtkExText is not a bad idea.


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