Re: bug or feature

"Dr. Gerhard Dieringer" wrote:
> I have the following situation: The toplevel window contains a vbox with
> two elements. The first element is another vbox, the second is the
> 'rest', with consists of a frame and a label inside.
> The inner vbox also has two elements, the first one is a hbox with some
> buttons, the second a 'data' widget.
> The buttons can enlarge and shrink the data-widget, the 'rest'-widget in
> the outer vbox should allways fill the rest of the top-level-window.
> When i enlarge the data-widget, all works well, the rest-widget shrinks
> as it should do.
> But when I shrink the data widget, the rest isn't resized and I get some
> vacuum above and below the data.
> If I resize the top-level-window with the mouse or gtk_widget_set_usize
> function, the rest-widget resizes and all is fine.
> Is this a (known?) bug? I'm using GTK+ 1.2.8 on GNU/Linux.
> In the attachment, you find a small programm that shows the effect. If
> you uncomment the last two lines, that 'resize' the top-level-window to
> it's current size, it works  as expected.

It does look like a bug. The queued resize initiated by gtk_widget_set_usize()
doesn't seem to be propagating up the tree properly.

You can work around it by adding gtk_widget_queue_resize (dataframe->parent)
after the call to gtk_widget_set_usize().


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