Re: Splash Screen

"Ben K" <> writes:
> i suggest you use gdk-pixbuf to display an image in a gtk window.  as far as 
> making the window seem like a splash screen, the only way i know to make a 
> window "always on top" is to use gnome-libs.  check out the docs under 
> gnomeui called gnome-winhints.  unfortunately, i can't get this to work on 
> very many wm's (only gnome and windowmaker...not fvwm or kde) they have to 
> be "gnome-compliant."
> does anyone else have another method to make a window "always on top" that 
> would be a more environment-friendly solution?  i know this is a very 
> pro-gnome group, but any help would be appreciated.

It isn't really possible, I would just not worry about it; your splash
will come up on top, if the user then raises another window over it,
let them...


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