Re: forcing immediate redraws?

On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Gary Scavone wrote:


 You should add the following after each of gtk_widget_set_state:

while (gtk_events_pending())
 Note: user will be able to interact with other widgets then (i.e. press
other button), so probably you will have to disable them!

> I have an app in which buttons are associated with sounds. I need to
> offer a feature such that a sound is played and its corresponding
> button is "highlighted" during playback only.
> I have a little routine that looks roughly like this:
>   gtk_widget_set_state ( button, GTK_STATE_ACTIVE );
>   play_button_sound ( button );
>   gtk_widget_set_state ( button, GTK_STATE_NORMAL );
> Unfortunately, the drawing of the button doesn't seem to happen until
> I leave my routine and return to the gtk_main() loop.  Is there a way
> to force the redraw to happen immediately?

 Best regards,

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