RE: Images.

On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Gonzalo Montesdeoca wrote:

> 	How can draw a image (RGB) only with GTK+ without use GDK ?

 It seems that drawing images without the use of GDK is very tricky.
 Why do you want not to use GDK for drawing images? GTK uses it itself - why
you can't?

> 	Thanks.
> 						Gonzalo Montesdeoca

 Best regards,

Hi Vlad :

	I want to use GTK+ because looking for the functions that i use to view
images, GIMP don't use it. GIMP use a widget preview and i don't know how to
use. My problem is that in Win32, the image is black on the screen, and i
don't know why and GIMP do it. if you know why i am grateful that you write
me a e-mail.
	Sorry for my poor english and thanks.

										Gonzalo Montesdeoca

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