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On Tue, 25 Jul 2000 wrote:

>        Hi all
>        Many recent applications use the gtk, in particular the gtk
> widget file browser, for ex. mozilla, gvim, gedit, spruce, ... But I
> have a problem with this widget: it doesn't display hidden files and
> directories (whose names begins with a dot). Thus it is impossible to
> chose such a file. I wouls like to ask if this is a known defficiency
> of gtk, since it has been there since there from the first version of
> gtk and no one seems to care. But it is very frustrating to me, for
> example, how can I browse and load files in a directory such as .gimp,
> .netscape or .spruce ?
> 	I would like very much to put this feature on the wish list
> but don't know how. Or perhaps there is way to enter the directory
> .something after all but is not documented. It seem rather strange to
> me that a modern widget set such as gtk lack such an elementary
> feature.
>         Please answer to me directy because I am not subscribing to
> the list. I am writing to this list because I am very frustrated at
> the lack of this feature and can't find any other way to raise this
> point. I have thought that may be gtk-1.2 would have it, but I am
> wrong so if I don't raise this point may be gtk-1.3, gtk-1.4 still
> dont allow displaying hiden files and directories.
> 	 Thanks for any information.

 Yes, I would like to have ability to directly select dotfiles in GtkFile
selection menu too. 
 Currently, the following works: put the dot in the entry and press tab - all
 dot-directories and dot-files will be shown. If you are app developer, you
can recommend this hack to the users.

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