GtkClist signals and double click


 I would like to know why the double click event is not implemented 
as a signal in some GTK+ widgets? I tried to make a GtkClist in which
the user could select a row either with a simple selection and then
pressing a button and with a double click over the row. It would be
far simpler to connect a supposed "double_click" signal with the same
callback (for example) connected to the button. But as this is not
so you have to connect the "button_press_event" with a more complex
callback where you have to ask for some other low level events (as
explained on the GTK+ FAQ). 
 Well, I am still trying to get this working. I know GtkClist elements
have a member structure called selection of type GList. When there is
nothing selected, selection is NULL? selection have a pointer called
data, this data is the data available on the selected row? what is
its format? I tried to print out this data pointer casted to (char *)
but I got a segmentation fault.
Any help will be very appreciated,

thanks in advance!


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