Re: slots & callbacks

"Arun Thomas" <> writes: 
>    I get an error on the last line. The compiler complains that
> there is no matching function: no matching function for call to
> '::Gtk::::Gtk::EmitProxySignal1<int,_GdkEventAny
> *,::Gtk::Widget,_GtkWidget,30,gtkmm_widget_unmap_event(GtkWidget *,
> GdkEventAny *)>::connect (::SigC::::SigC::Slot1<void,_GdkEventAny
> *>)'

You called the function connect (::SigC::::SigC::Slot1<void,_GdkEventAny *>)
which does not exist.

> /usr/local/include/gtk--/proxy.h:208: candidates are:
> ::Gtk::::Gtk::ProxySignal1<int, _GdkEventAny
> *,::Gtk::Widget,_GtkWidget,30>::connect<gint, GdkEventAny *, ::Gtk::Widget,
> GtkWidget, 30>(const ::SigC::::SigC::Slot1(int,_GdkEventAny *> &)

However there is a function connect() that takes 'const
::SigC::::SigC::Slot1(int,_GdkEventAny *> &' instead, so you might
want to consider passing an argument of that type to connect ()


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