Where are GTK configuration files???

Something bizarre has happened which I can't explain.

I use the gtksql clinet.  It's always worked perfectly.  It still mostly
works.  But, now, when I get a long list of rows in the CList on the
bottom, there's no vertical scrollbar.  There always had been previously.
I have not recompiled gtksql in months, and am still using the same
binary.  I'm still using the same GTK RPM (version 1.2.6).  Yet, the
scrollbars are gone.  The apper to be gone for all users on the system.

To me, this sounds like some sort of theme or configuration file that went
south somewhere.   My question is, what could have caused this?  Which
files should I look at, to see if they have changed?  Has anybody seen
behavior like this?

The scrollbars still show up on another CList in gtksql, and in the Gimp.
Although I haven't done an exhaustive search of gtk applications, it
appears that it's just this one CList in gtksql that has changed.  I have
no idea what happened to cause this change.

Any suggestions anybody can make will be greatly apreciated.


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