Re: [gtk-list] Re: nonwrapper C++ bindings for GTK (just an idea and a script)

a) yes, I missed that... (grr, d**n, **** ** * ** **** ****)
b) no, it's not the same.

  "sugar" needs some hand-edited files to work on, and it *will*
   actually create a C++ wrapper object. It is the same as it
   does not need an extra lib (so far as I can see), and it has
   typesafe signals (big advantage anyway). You may as well need
   an extra handcrafted sugar-header file with each version of
   GTK or the widgets that work on top of it.

  "cc-headers" can work on *any* object-oriented C-header file
   that follows the name-rules of GTK. I tried it last night
   on gtkextra. Just try it on your own written Widget-header.
   And it does neither use a wrapper object nor is there
   actually any member accessor needed.

  The point in "cc-headers" is *not* to go 100% C++, instead
   you can start off nicely with C++ with its object-namespaced
   methods and members, and if you care for, you can incrementally
   get back to C since the objects you create and the functions
   that work on these are really 100% *the* *same*. It has the
   effect to mix C-code and C++-code in just the same file, even
   the same procedure. 

  In the end, it is *not* a wrapper. The generated header files
   can be included from a C compiler and they will work just like
   the original. Well, I guess an experienced GTK programmer does
   not need it anyway since his eyes can easily reduce the c-text
   with all its GTK_FOO and gtk_foo_xx. It does help me, someone
   only occasionally writing a gtk-box for his favourite C-level

thanks for pointer anyway, ... so, did you gave it a try?
-- Guido

Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> Guido Draheim <> writes:
> > and I don't need a real wrapper bloatware for it (as is some
> > C++/GTK-wrapper or even Perl/GTK).
> *sigh*...
> > I don't know if the idea may have come up earlier, I checked the
> > mailing list archive (about 6 months or so), and I didn't find
> > anything like this.
> Well, you didn't check hard enough :
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