Re: [gtk-list] Re: about gtk_set_locale

At 02:44 午後 00/04/06 , you wrote:
> Takdir CHOWDHURY <> writes: 
> > My application is very simple. It shows some data which it gets from a D
B se
> > rver(Object Store).
> > And for this it has some functions which are for accessing the DB. 
> > If I just coment out those functions, no problem arises. 
> > Japanese dialog can be viewed. But as it has no access to DB, nothing is
> > played.
> > It makes me thinking  that there may be something wrong with Objectstore
> > rary.
> > 

> That sounds pretty likely, that either the functions you are calling
> corrupt memory, or somehow you are passing invalid arguments in to
> those functions.

> Havoc

Actually my gtk+ application is linked with some C++sources(which get inform
ation from OODB).
And If I remove all the links and the "functions" that are called from my gt
k+ application,
the Japanese is displayed. Anyway, if I comment out those functions but keep
 the links with
the C++ sources and compile, it crahes with the core. So, I think the functi
that I  am calling are not relevant with this error. There may that c++(Sun 
c++ lib) and gtk+ library
have compatibilty problem.  I am loooking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,

> Havoc

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