GtkEditable and MVC (from: GtkEtext overview[...])

> Derek the problem with your design is that the buffer isn't a widget;
> GtkEditable is a widget. Thus the buffer is not a GtkEditable. You
> can't derive from it.

	*Sigh*... okay, I'll derive the buffer from GtkObject then, as you
have done.

> Look at my GtkTextView/GtkTextBuffer, that's about the only way to
> implement this with single inheritance.

	Your GtkTextView is derived from GtkLayout, I believe because you
want to use its scrolling.  I was planning on implementing my own
scrolling (something I don't really understand yet--I was planning on
just copying GtkText's scrolling for now).

	Would it make sense to have my "View" derive from GtkEditable,
since it will, in fact, be a widget?  If I do derive from GtkEditable,
then what will my widget do with the "insert_text", "delete_text", and
"changed" signal handlers?

	I guess it does not make sense for the View to derive from the
GtkEditable, because (as you have said) what does 

gtk_editable_insert_text()   [or]

	...mean on a View?  It looks like the GtkEditable is useless, as
far as implementing a multiple-view text widget is concerned.

	So what is the most logical widget to derive a View from?  I'd
like to know more about the GtkLayout, and why you chose it for your

	Again, thank you for your help with this...


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