Glade 0.5.3, compilation error after install

Hi everyone,

Damon Chaplin wrote:
> No, the problem is that you have on old version of gnome-libs.
> Glade 0.5.3 requires gnome-libs >= 1.0.14 (when GnomeDruid was added).
> Or configure Glade with './configure --disable-gnome' if you don't
> need Gnome support.
So now i have uninstall the old gnome-lib 1.0.9 i had and compil/install
gnome-libs 1.0.16
and have the following error when i generate the perl code : 

      DIAGNOSTICS (verbosity 5) started by Glade::PerlProject (version
0.3.11) at Mon Sep 20 16:14:04 CEST 1999)
    - Using default output files in Glade <project><source_directory> in
    - Saving project options in file
Mon Sep 20 16:14:06 1999 Gtk-WARNING **:
/usr/lib/gtk/themes/engines/ undefined symbol:
gdk_rectangle_intersect at
/usr/local/lib/site_perl/Glade/ line 159.

NB: i recompil Gtk-Perl 0.6123 and Glade-Perl 0.3.11 after the
gnome-libs install

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