Re: Getting the selection from GtkText

Andreas Leitner <> writes:

> Anders Melchiorsen wrote:
> > 
> > Isn't there a simple way to get the selection from a GtkText widget? I
> > am thinking of something with an interface as simple as
> > gtk_editable_select_region() but I cannot seem to find anything?
> If you want to know whether there is a active selection in the widget
> use
> --
>   guint      has_selection : 1;
> --
> from GtkEditable (GtkText "inherits" from GtkEditable).

What this variable says is whether the editable widget owns
the global X selection. Which may or may not be what one
is interested in. (This is the blue selection in the default
color scheme). If this is not set, there may still be
a selection that is not the global X selection (the gray
selection in the default color scheme).

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