ANNOUNCE: GtkExText 0-0-6.tar.gz

Hello here is my litte widget :-)

This widget is not in any part of the Gtk Team's work.

So please don't botter the GTK team with my bugs. 
Send GtkExText bugreports/patches to me...

This widget is i ALPHA state and have bugs.

But I have tested it in my application and it works fine.
The property API is not ready but will hopefully be soon.

Check the README/TODO/headerfiles for more info about the API 
There is also a simple application (test.c) to see how it works... 

This widget is NOT a replacement for gtktext because its has not WideChar
support yet. (I don't know how this works)

The widget is for those who want to have Sytax highligt in they'r

It could be a replacement for GtkText if someone could help me with the
internationalizing (WChar) support :-)  

Features at the moment:

* GtkEditable is the base class so its API is used.
* GotoLine and Column
* (Horizontal/vertical scrolling)
* Better Property support under heavy development 
   (set font/color and gpointer userdata)
* Cut/Paste/delete 
* and more to come...

To fix:

See TODO in dist...

You can download my widget at:




Check out my homepage at (under heavy reconstruction):	

international Phone 46-44-126995
Sweden Phone: 044-126995
ICQ: Error fix later

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