problem with lists

 I am new to gtk. I want to write a program in which the user would go
through a list of options in a list, and a text widget would be updated
depending upon the option selected. Therefore, I set up a callback
function for the "selection_changed" signal in the list box, and this
function then proceeds to clear the text box and write the new data into
it. Unfortunately, the signal for a single change in selection seems to be
sent many times, as a result of which the text box is refreshed about 8
times for each selection change. The selection mode for the list box is
GTK_SELECTION_EXTENDED, and the same problem recurs for both MULTIPLE and
SINGLE selections. I would like to find out if there is a way to restrict
the number of updates per selection change / reduce the number of signals
per selection. I have gtk version 1.2.1. Thanks in advance.

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