Re: [gtk-list] How to realize plugins

myself wrote:
> hi all,
> a target of mine is to realize plugins for VDKBuilder (a rad tool).
> Plugin capability lets users construct their own widgets and plug them
> into vdkbuilder without recompile it.
> My idea is to realize them with shared libraries that can be
> dinamically loaded by the vdkbuilder. Those libraries should implement
> predefined function to achieve desired results.
> Is this a good path ?
> Some questions:
> - how to programmatically load shared libraries?
> - how to call predefined functions ?
> - how to handle exceptions (i.e shared not present)
> - hints, tricks and pitfalls
> I know these informations can be found somewhere but if someone has
> already
> faced with this problem and want points me in the right direction
> will make me save me a lot of time.
> tia
> /mario

urrgh !!
i had what i needed at home and i didn't realized it. (gmodule)
Shame on me !

Mario Motta, AI Research Group - Rimini;

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