Where or where does my data hath to go?

Unfortunately blindly taking data onto an object won't work here... take
for instance a gtk_entry widget.  The actual text/data must be saved
somewhere and in order for it to persist it must be stored in some type of
external data structure thereby affording one to copy the data on-destroy.

Now maybe I missed the point but just tacking on the data to the object
won't ensure the entry's value's persistence.

Are there simple dialog based applications I could look at? Can you
suggest any? (I'm not a fan of reading reams of code.. just writing reams
of it).

Your friendly neighbourhood posix junkie,

Sean Cody (Pangea Technical Support)
umcodysw@cc.umanitoba.ca (SCHOOL)
seanc@pangea.ca          (WORK)  

"I can only show you the door, your're the one
 that has to go through it."
        Morpheus, The Matrix

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