Re: [gtk-list] Re: Double float for spinbutton.adjustment.value ?

You should use a gtkentry and do the following:

numeric_entry = gtk_entry_new();

                   GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(insert_text), gpointer


static void
insert_text(GtkEditable *editable, 
            gchar *new_text,
            gint new_text_length,
            gint *position,
            gpointer data)
  gint digits;

  digits = GPOINTER_TO_GINT(data);

cut & paste code from gtk_spin_button_insert_text and hack arround using
digits instead of spin->digits.
I'm planning to make an entry widget with formatted text adding a field
gchar *picture and hacking gtkentry. Probably it istn't very easy.


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