Re: [gtk-list] problem with glade support in Gtk-perl

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Bodnar <> writes:

    > Using a copy of the example script from the Glade directory of
    > Gtk-perl I get the following:

    > ]$ ./wigwam Glade inited Sat Nov 13 21:44:46 1999 Gtk-LOG **:
    > file gtkpixmap.c: line 97 (gtk_pixmap_new): assertion `val !=
    > NULL' failed. at ./wigwam line 12.  Sat Nov 13 21:44:46 1999
    > Gtk-WARNING **: invalid cast from (NULL) pointer to `GtkMisc' at
    > ./wigwam line 12.

    > Does this mean I didn't specify a pixmap file for one of my
    > widgets? I think I got them all but I'll double check.

I'm pretty sure that this has more to do with Gnome::Stock than with
not having pixmaps. From .6123 to the most recent version from cvs
that I can compile, I've seen this problem. It only occurs when you
try to use Gnome stock buttons/menu items/ etc. with Perl and
Glade. Pick any of the two, and I bet it works. That's how it is for
me. I sent a backtrace on this, but haven't heard back yet.

Triangle man hates Particle man.

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