Re: [gtk-list] Working around themes

Mike Oliphant writes:

> Themes are driving me crazy! Most of the default themes that come with
> Gnome specify a default style the overrides all entries in an
> application's gtkrc. Applications generally specify styles in their .rc
> file for a reason, and things often look terrible if this is overridden.

Conversely, is there any way I can get my .gtkrc to override an
application's default settings? For example, many GTK+ editors assume
I want black text on a white background. I find this hard on my eyes,
so I specify black-on-gray(ish) or gray(ish)-on-black(ish) for text
widgets in ~/.gtkrc. It doesn't work everywhere however. (most
annoying is gnotepad, which uses its own settings for the first tab
and the global .gtkrc for all the others).

Besides programs that appear to be explicitly changing colors, some
widgets and engines give me trouble with this. The font-preview box in
gtkfontsel or the GIMP stays black-on-white (and sometimes uses the
default blue selection color) no matter what. I gave up using the
ThinIce theme because it did the same thing to every textbox widget.

Is there anything I can do here?

> In particular, it really seems like "named" widgets (using
> gtk_widget_set_name) should not be overridden in this way.

Perhaps there should be a 'priority' setting for the GTK rc file,
allowing 'override-clients', 'respect-clients', and 'normal' (for
whatever the heck GTK is doing now.)

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