Re: [gtk-list] Re: The new libgtk 1.2_1.2.3-1 breaks ...(really, rantNrave)

On Tue, May 18, 1999 at 04:06:27PM -0700, Kurt Cockrum wrote:
> Havoc Pennington said:

> >The problem is that he's calling gtk_widget_set_events() on a realized
> >widget, or maybe Gtk is; either way, it's a bug, because that function
> >only works if the widget is not realized (thus the error message :-)
> >
> >You're supposed to use gtk_widget_add_events() if the widdget is already
> >realized.

(09:16:07)(ckerr ox)(~/gtk+-1.2.3): grep gtk_widget_add_events `find ./docs/`
grep: ./docs/: Is a directory
grep: ./docs/html: Is a directory
grep: ./docs/text: Is a directory
(09:16:19)(ckerr ox)(~/gtk+-1.2.3): 
> How could anybody have ever figured this out?  We have 2 functions,
> gtk_widget_add_events() and gtk_widget_set_events(), with not a clue as
> to why they should even exist.  I can see why it would be useful to have
> a method that sets the events a widget responds to, but why 2 variants,
> where one chokes if the widget is *realized*??
> What's the point of this?  The gtk_widget_add_events() function is called
> *once*, in gtkdnd.c:gtk_drag_source_set(), nowhere else in all of gtk.
> The other is called a bunch of times in various widgets.

Why not have a single gtk method which checks whether or not
the widget is realized, and does the Right Thing accordingly?

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