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I've run into this once myself (not sure what I did wrong
to get this) but I solved this by manually copying
glibconfig.h from /usr/local/src/gtk+/ to /usr/local/include ...
there's probably a better/nicer way to fix this, but this
worked for me and is quick and easy ...

--> Robert

kenny leong <> on 05/13/99 08:47:13 AM

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Hi Robert or anyone may help me.

I have the same problem to configure the gtk+-1.2.* too.

When I try:

it's working fine and finally GTK had installed. But when I compiled a simple
program which in the tutorial, I got a error message something like unable to
find "glibconfig.h". (I'm using RH5.2)

the command line :

gcc base.c -o base 'gtk-config --cflags --libs'

I tough this error message appear because of the configured GLIB* and GTK*
wrongly. I re-installed RH5.2, and try to compiled a program(without upgrade or
install new GLIB and GTK), I got the same error message too.

I have been configured GTK for few week but still didn't get it done. Please
help me!

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This should do the trick, assuming you installed your Glib1.2.2 under
/usr/local/ ...
* >Robert

Cyril Déchelette <> on 05/12/99 07:59:21 AM
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