Re: [gtk-list] Re: Gtk-- versus GTK+

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From: Martynas Kunigelis <>
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Date: mercredi 5 mai 1999 12:35
Subject: [gtk-list] Re: Gtk-- versus GTK+

>Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
>>    - Gtk-- is oversized,
>> I don't see how.  It's about as small a wrapper as I can imagine.
>Come on. Do cout << sizeof (Gtk_FontSelectionDialog) << endl; 22K per
>widget on ia32 is as small as you can imagine?

    Well... Since you have probably something like 32MB on you box,
    this is not really a problem, huh ? Moreover, remember one thing :
    sizeof(a class) return the siae of the associate structure, which
    contains both datas and pointer on functions. Since a lot of
    pointer are needed, you may have some extra needed space.
    (try to do a :

    struct something 
        (whatever you want)


    class something
        (whatever you want too [the same whatever as the struct one :)])
    Then do a sizeof on these (you may be surprised).
>Not that Gtk-- is not cool, it certainly is.
   Emmanuel DELOGET [pixel] pixel@{,}  ----  DotCom SA |
"On the last day, God created Linux. And Microsoft won its antitrust case"

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