string and new semi-widget/glib

	I'm writing a new semi-widget (if I can call it in this way) for
glib library: db (yes it connect glib to database in trasperent way). So,
in this way I can also write some word (in italian) about "how to write
program with glib". Now I have see that g_string have not a function the
return the values of "data", so I have write it (ok, write it is a stupid
work, 2 lines), but I have a problem to understand
"g_string_free(string, other_parameter)". I
don't understand 2nd parameter. I have see the soruce code, and I see :
if (other_parameter)
 { g_string_free(string)

but in all case (with other_parameter > 0) the string is free (and it is
normal). But what's the mean of other_parameter?

Ah, do you think that my idea (db connect) is good?


PS: sorry for my bad english

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