Another error :(

Dear all,

As noted in my previous e-mail, my installation of gtk+-1.2.0 went
haywire. Following suggestions I have performed a clean sweep of
anything *gtk* *gdk* *glib* *imlib* in /usr/.

I then recompiled glib-1.2.0, gtk+-1.2.0 and everything installed fine.
running gtk-config --version showed 1.2.0. Brilliant.

I then performed ldconfig -v which seems to do something right, then
used configure in imlib-1.9.4. It complains this time that it cannot
find gtk-config, even though my path contains /usr/bin:/usr/local:/usr/l
ocal/bin: amongst other things. I have installed all software to efault
directories (/usr/local) and indeed gtk-config is seen in

I have been working on this problem for over a week now and to say I'm
seriously not amused would be the understatement of the century. I have
confirmed that gtk-config is set to /usr/local.

Please help a newbie - I really am completely out of my depth here -

SYSTEM: Red Hat 5.2 All updates in, kernel 2.2.3, using
tarballs because I want to know how to use an industry-standard Unix

James Green

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