GtkText widget


I had a couple of questions/suggestions about the GtkText widget.
In the tarballs of the latest releases, there is a file
docs/text_widget.txt. Are the things that are described there as `todo'
being implemented by someone ?

Things needed/wished (by me):
o Horizontal scrolling
o Overwriting text
o Underlined text
o Blinking text

Then there is this, why can't you delete (gtk_editable_delete_text()) text
from a widget that isn't inside the screen (The widget scrolls itself to
that place.). This is _very_ inconvenient if you (I) want to append
lines and delete the same number of lines from the beginning .... :(

Anyway, is someone working on this?
If not, I might want to try doing this, but I'm _not_ an experienced
Widget coder, so It will probably take me a lot of time ....


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