Re: [gtk-list] Re: Compiling options

>"Scott A. Barron" wrote:
>I tried that.... I got compiler errors on every reference to gtk_* or
>> On 07-Jun-99 Scott Nichols wrote:
>> > I am trying to compile a GTK program to run on machines that do not have
>> > the GTK library. Can anyone tell me how to tell the compiler to include
>> > all the needed files?

Um... if you don't have the library[1], you can't compile programs.

You can compile GTK programs and then *run* them on machines that don't have 
GTK installed, using -static, but you can't compile them there. Your only 
solutions are (a) install the library, or (b) find a machine that has the 

[1] When I say `library' here, I mean the entire package, header files, ah, 

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