Gtk+ questions

I'm using gtk+ 1.2.3 for a project and have some questions.  If
they are covered in a FAQ somewhere, please direct me to it!

1. I want to be able to do data validation before I allow the
   focus to be removed from a widget.  I'm trying to figure out
   with the gtk_signal_connect how to do this.  I want to trap
   both when you leave the widget via the normal TAB focus
   traversal and also other methods like a mouse click in
   another field, Shift-TAB, ...  Does someone have some code
   for doing something like this to point me in the right
   direction?  If the data input is invalid, I want to stop
   the focus from leaving and set the widget to a color to show
   that there is an error.

2. Are there any plans to add data validation to the entry widget?

3. Can you tell the difference in code between when you lose
   focus from something within your app vrs losing focus when
   the user clicks in a different window?

Brad Pepers
Linux Canada Inc.            Home of Linux products in Canada!   Proud supporter of Cyclades, Red         Hat, and Caldera.

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