Re: [gtk-list] Is it a bug or is me ?

Bruno Mairlot <> writes:

> I'm using gtk+-1.1.14, and
> the following program crash and core dump, desperately.  Is it a bug or
> is it me that do it the wrong way (I'm always reluctant to say "it's a
> bug" but this time seems so !) I'd like to insert some text, in a
> editabe widget (a text or an entry). So I chosed the
> gtk_editable_insert_text function. Here is a small example that crash
> on my box :

>   /* if you remove this line, everything is ok ! */
>   gtk_editable_insert_text(GTK_EDITABLE(txt),text,strlen(text),0);

void gtk_editable_insert_text (GtkEditable *editable,
                               const char  *new_text,
                               gint         new_text_length,
                               gint        *position);

position is an in-out parameter, so you have to do something like:

gint pos = 0;



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