Announce: GTK+ Binding for Haskell

[I thought, I sent this already, but now I find it in a
draft buffer.  I apologize if this is a repeated posting.]

I have started to implement a GTK+ binding for the
non-strict functional language Haskell.  Haskell is a very
high-level language with a concise syntax and semantics that
draws much of its expressiveness from the use of term-based
data structures, higher-order functions, and a sophisticated
type system (including parametric polymorphism and type
classes).  Check out <> for details.

The GTK+ binding currently covers

  + mapping of GTK+'s object-oriented widget hierarchy into
    Haskell type classes,
  + the signal mechanism (in a type-safe form), and
  + a basic set of widgets (all flavours of buttons, file
    selectors, text entries, windows, and some other
    fundamental widgets). 

(The first two costed me some nerves.)  You find more
details and the code at

I plan to extend the library step by step with the remaining
widgets and functions.

Happy Hacking!


   Manuel M. T. Chakravarty            
   University of Tsukuba, Japan
   SCORE Lab.                  Inst. of Information Sciences and Electronics

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