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  Hello again,

> > >  E>   Also, is there any way to delete an element from a hbox?
> > > 
> > > I can't think of one...and I don't think there would probably
> > > cause all kinds of problems with the packing.
> > 
> >   Uh, oh; do you think I could do the following instead :
> > 
> There is a way. Removing a child from a container is the same for every
> container, so it is in GtkContainer :) use gtk_container_remove(parent, widget)
>  E>   - Get back the children of the hbox,
>  E>   - create a new hbox with only the wanted children.
>  E>   Does it sound possible (especially, the first step may not be
>  E> permitted by gtk)?
> Well, a quick test would show, wouldn't it ;)
> You can get the children from the 'children' GList in the GtkBox
> structure.
> How well it would work, I dare not say.

  Ok, so I have some directions of search. 

  I don't know much about gtk (yet), but the mailing lists sure are

  Thank you very much to all,


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