Re: [gtk-list] CList scrolling

Stephen Witkop wrote:
>         I have a clist that I would like to have scroll to the bottom
> automatically when an item is appended to it like the text widget does.
> I realize that the default behavior is to not scroll on it's own, which
> is preferable most of the time, but I need it to work the other way in
> this situation. I've played with the vadj of the scrolled window and the
> clist, but I am not having much luck.

I think you want to use gtk_clist_moveto (). The font selection widget
uses it quite a bit:

      index = GPOINTER_TO_INT (selection->data);
      if (gtk_clist_row_is_visible(GTK_CLIST(fontsel->font_clist), index)
	gtk_clist_moveto(GTK_CLIST(fontsel->font_clist), index, -1, 0.5, 0);


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