bug in gtkspinbutton

gtkspinbutton is an entry subclass ans has a panel window with the two
arrows. The flag GTK_WIDGET_NO_WINDOW(widget) == FALSE, and widget->window
= GTK_ENTRY(widget)->window. The problem is that when you move/resize/hide
the widget->window, then you are changing GTK_ENTRY(widget)->window, but
spin->panel remains unchanged. This causes serious problems in gtklayout
(and gnome-canvas). Just to clarify what I'm saying try replacing
gtk_button_new() with gtk_type_new(gtk_spin_button_get_type()) in the
layout example in testgtk. You'll see that the entries are scrolled, while
the arrows remain in their old positions. This means that the widget
behaves as two independent windows. gtkcombo is a hbox subclass and it
doesn't have this problem. I think this should be fixed.

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