Re: [gtk-list] libintl issue

libintl is a part of the gnu gettext package.  there is two solutions to the
problem, you can either compile gtk with the --disable-nls option, or you can
download gettext.

the has a version 0.10 from back in 1995, but if you go to the
debian site, you can find the source for 0.10-6 last modified in 4/98.


W Stockwell wrote:

> I have been trying to cpmpile gtk+-1.1.13 on Linux 2.0.36.  WHen I do, I
> get an error telling me I need libintl.h, which apparently means I need
> libintl completely.  I've looked in the FAQ and various documentations,
> but I haven't found any place to download it or solve this problem.  Can
> anyone help me out?  Thanks.
> Will Stockwell
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