BUG ? on clist

It seems that there is a bug in the display of a CLIST. I cannot just
give the case, it's too complex but I can give the description of the

1- I load a serie of data into a clist.  I checked the data source, ok !

2 - I append one by one the data row to the clist - I checked the value
of the cell  - Ok
3 - When it should be displayed, the cell of (0,0) coordinate is wrong.
It should be 5 and it's 1.

So, when I do a gtk_clist_get_text and then print it, it's different
from what the clist shows.

Do we may suppose it's a bug ?

I joined a small screenshot to let you see what happened. On the back
you can see a xterm pointed toward the word :
Resultat: 5 It's linked with the call to g_print in the emacs window.
(on the right), then you can see that on the rendering of the clist it's

not 5 but 1.

I can assure you that it's really the cell 0,0  there is no visibility
or whatever involved !

It happen only for the 0,0, if a insert a row before, the 0,0 is still

Ah, I have to say that it happen only once, at the initialization of the

clist (the first gtk_clist_append(......))

But maybe I do something wrong, and then it's a bug but from me :-)

Any help or counsel would be greatly welcome 'cause it's critical !



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